The Tiger Strength Program is committed to providing the ultimate training experience for each student-athlete.  We focus on building a complete athlete and minimizing the risk of injury.  Providing a safe and disciplined atmosphere, along with developing strong relationships with each athlete, are the cornerstones of the Tiger Strength Program.


  • Injury Reduction / Increased Recovery
  • Develop Strong Relationships
  • Create a stronger and faster athlete
  • Build Individual and Team Confidence
  • Instill Discipline
  • Have Fun

There are 4 different aspects to our training:

Tiger Strength and Power (TSP)

In Tiger Strength and Power training athletes will develop the foundation of strength and power to maximize their athletic potential.  Our unique program will train athletes to improve flexibility, explosive power, upper and lower body strength, and core strength.  Barbell, dumbbell, and body weight exercises are used to develop strength, power, and athleticism for athletes in any sport.  Athletes new to strength training will receive age-appropriate exercises. Great attention is paid to learning proper weight lifting techniques, physical maturity, and safety.

Speed School

Speed School uses our B.F.A.S.T. principles, which are Balance-Footwork-Agility-Speed-Technique. BFAST training sessions prepare athletes for the speed of athletic competition by focusing on all aspects of speed and agility development in a competitive, team environment. Proper change of direction and jumping and landing techniques are emphasized to decrease injury risk.  These sessions will make a faster, quicker, better-conditioned athlete for any sport.

B.F.A.S.T. Training will improve:

  • Dynamic flexibility and foot speed
  • Linear acceleration/deceleration and sprint technique
  • Explosive power development and first step quickness
  • Agility and reactive quickness

KLIPS – Knee Ligament Injury Prevention Strategies

We take a proactive approach toward addressing knee ligament injury prevention through all aspects of our training program.  Although knee injuries cannot be fully prevented, we know that working on jumping and landing technique, change of direction technique, hip and lower body strength, and balance all can reduce injury risk.  These exercises decrease the risk of knee, ankle and hip injury and help develop strength and speed to help our athletes perform their best.  KLIPS exercises are a part of every training session with a program designed by Jake Moore, Physical Therapist with McFarland Physical Therapy-Somerset.

Chaos Training

It is exactly how it sounds – Chaos.  These are intense workout finishers to train for aerobic power and muscular endurance.  Training ranges from sleds, ropes, med balls, tires – anything that brings on chaos!